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Mukidi (2024)

Runtime: 91 min
Release date: 11/04/2024
Production countries: Indonesia
Production companies: MD Pictures, Umbara Brothers Film
A misunderstanding resulted in Mukidi being accepted to work as a Credit Analyst. He also approves all credit applications to help many people. Unfortunately, that decision resulted in disaster. Together with his wife, Markonah, and his two friends, Samingan and Wakijan, Mukidi must clean up the huge losses he caused.
Anggy Umbara profile photo
Anggy Umbara
Gading Marten profile photo
Gading Marten
as Mukidi
Della Dartyan profile photo
Della Dartyan
as Markonah
Joshua Suherman profile photo
Joshua Suherman
as Samingan
Arief Didu profile photo
Arief Didu
as Wakijan
Verdi Solaiman profile photo
Verdi Solaiman
as Dimas
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MUKIDI | Official Trailer | Gading Marten, Della Dartyan, Verdi Solaiman

Video: YouTube