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The Last Stop in Yuma County (2024)

Runtime: 91 min
Release date: 10/05/2024
Production countries: United States of America
Production companies: Random Lane Productions, Local Boogeyman, Carte Blanche
While awaiting the next fuel truck at a middle-of-nowhere Arizona rest stop, a traveling young knife salesman is thrust into a high-stakes hostage situation by the arrival of two similarly stranded bank robbers with no qualms about using cruelty—or cold, hard steel—to protect their bloodstained, ill-gotten fortune.
Francis Galluppi profile photo
Francis Galluppi
Jim Cummings profile photo
Jim Cummings
as The Knife Salesman
Jocelin Donahue profile photo
Jocelin Donahue
as Charlotte
Richard Brake profile photo
Richard Brake
as Beau
Nicholas Logan profile photo
Nicholas Logan
as Travis
Faizon Love profile photo
Faizon Love
as Vernon
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The Last Stop in Yuma County

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